Patrick Andries helps college students master their mind, will, and attention so they can focus on what matters most, allowing them to succeed in college and in life.

College can be a great time in a student’s life. So many possibilities are just within their grasp. All too often though, transitioning into college proves tougher than first imagined. This can lead to students falling short of their academic goals.

Average college completion rates in the U.S. sit around 58% within six years.

  • Professors complain that many students are not ready for college after graduating high school.
  • New students are finding themselves underprepared to meet the rigors of self-directed learning in the college environment.

Patrick can relate to the struggles of incoming students. He met those challenges head-on and went from academic suspension to a 3.995 GPA. He is now a published author, certified science educator, cofounder of two alternative schools, a nationally sydicated radio show host, and a professional speaker helping college students create academic success during school and career success after.

This is not a typical study skills talk. Patrick dives deep into the success mindset and techniques that students can use for academic success and beyond.


I’d love to help you inspire and educate your students. Let’s see how we can collaborate to make your next event a dynamic success.

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Patrick has a gift of taking complex scientific data and forming it into useable and applicable chunks of information that the lay person can now begin to work with and understand. Patient, kind, understanding, with a quiet understated intelligence, Patrick leaves the listener satisfied, competent and content with new concepts learned and interesting information to be applied.

Sandra Sieber

I have known Patrick Andries for ten years at least.  He is extremely well-versed and articulate particularly in the subjects of Science and Metaphysics.  His classes and workshops are always well attended and enjoyed.

Rev. Anne B. Schmitt