Wow, what a performance! Patrick is an entertaining and charismatic speaker. He gave our participants food for thought as well as steps to improve their life. We wholeheartedly recommend Patrick to any other organization

Marilyn Wenmouth

Patrick has a gift of taking complex scientific data and forming it into useable and applicable chunks of information that the lay person can now begin to work with and understand. Patient, kind, understanding, with a quiet understated intelligence, Patrick leaves the listener satisfied, competent and content with new concepts learned and interesting information to be applied.

Sandra Sieber

I am pleased that Patrick Andries is giving presentations to college students. As a teacher and an author, Patrick has given numerous talks and has coached many individuals. In his presentations, students can look forward to being inspired and supported for their successful college study and beyond.

Dr. Shaofen Ai

Patrick is one of the best at understanding so many things about how our minds work in a way that you can understand. He has spoken to my audiences in the past and I always know he is going to have very fascinating facts and information to share of which he has a great abundance of it to share with us all. I am deeply appreciative of all that I have gained from hearing him speak and always find it to be enlightening. He has shared things that I remember again and again to this day.

Daniel John Hanneman

For over a decade now my wife and I have had the fortunate experience of being guests at several of Patrick’s lectures / events. After every event my wife and I both found Patrick’s lectures not only educational, but enlightening, encouraging, and even in some cases life changing. Because of the positive impact that Patrick and his speaking has had on our lives, whenever there is an opportunity to attend one of Patrick’s lectures, we consistently encourage others to join him.

Jim & Denise Buster

I have known Patrick Andries for ten years at least.  He is extremely well-versed and articulate particularly in the subjects of Science and Metaphysics.  His classes and workshops are always well attended and enjoyed.

Rev. Anne B. Schmitt